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Ask a Question Before the Return Process Begins

There are times when shoppers try to return a product without considering return policies. It either results in a loss (for merchants, after making an exception) or a return request rejection. With AfterShip Returns Center, merchants can ask a question to a shopper before the return process begins to automatically decide whether the item is eligible for a return or not. Check this guide to understand the entire process.

➡️ Steps to follow

Log in to your AfterShip Returns Center account > Go to its Settings

Select Return workflows and click Create workflow

Currently, one flow type is available to choose: Ask a question

Note: More flow types will be released soon

Click Create and choose Add condition to define rules as per your preference

If you have selected the If any conditions are met, the return will be rejected automatically once the shopper meets a condition. In the case of If any conditions are met, all your conditions must be met for a return request rejection

Mention the product type and the product tag

After adding conditions, select the success step to enter a yes–no question you want to ask

Click Enable to activate your flow

✍️ Important info to keep in mind:

Drafted flows won’t work

You can set priority by simply doing drag-and-drop if you have created multiple flows

The outcome will always be return request rejection if your conditions are met

Only one question can be asked per rule

Up to 50 conditions can be set in each return workflow

🙄 What can I do if shoppers choose the wrong option when returning an item?

In this case, merchants have to add the order/email in the allowlist to enable the shopper to file a return request again.

For more questions, reach out to our support team

Updated on: 27/10/2022

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