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Enable Gift Returns for Your Customers

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AfterShip Returns’ new gift return functionality enables you to allow customers who receive a product as a gift to use the AfterShip Returns branded returns page to initiate a return or exchange request without any interaction with the original buyer or your customer support team.

📢What you’ll learn

In this tutorial, we will show you:

Gift returns set up
Gift returns email notifications
Gift recipient’s experience
Managing gift returns requests

Gift returns set up

Go to general Return Settings in AfterShip Returns settings
Toggle on the Gift Returns option to enable customers to return a gift

Gift returns email notifications

External notification

Go to Notifications in AfterShip Returns admin. A new template for the Gift return request received is added

Toggle on Gift return request received to auto-trigger an email notification to gift recipients when a return request is submitted successfully

Click Edit to make changes to the template

Internal notification

Go to Internal notifications in AfterShip Returns settings

Toggle on internal notifications for Gift return request submitted by recipient. Once enabled, you will receive a notification when a recipient requests a gift return

Click Manage to select the recipients of the notification. You can choose yourself (owner) and/or other members of the organization

Gift recipient’s experience

The gift recipients have to go through the standard return or exchange process to initiate a return request for a product they received as a gift. There are two scenarios within the standard gift return experience.

Scenario #1: Gift recipient has the original order information

The gift recipient will enter the original order number and shipping postal code and then click the Start gift return button

Once they’ve filled out the required information, the gift recipient will complete the return request submission on the AfterShip Returns branded return page by selecting the item they wish to return, the resolution method, shipping address, and contact details

Note: Gift returns feature only supports Replace with the same item and Refund to store credit as resolution methods

Scenario #2: Gift recipient does not have the original order information

The gift recipient will start by clicking Don't have your order information?

They need to fill in a static form with additional information, including

Gift buyer’s name
The product they are returning
Resolution method
Variant they'd like to exchange for (if applicable)
Shipping address
Contact details
Any additional information

Once the form is submitted, the gift recipient will be taken to a confirmation page that lets them know that their request is under review

The gift recipient will also receive a confirmation notification to the email address they input into the form and wait for your team to manually process the request and send further communication to them

Managing gift returns requests

You will receive an email notification with the gift return request form filled by the gift recipient with the subject line: {You receive a gift return request from |RECIPIENT_NAME|}

Click Create gift return, and you will be directed to AfterShip Returns admin, wherein to have to manually create a gift return request on behalf of the recipient by adding the required information. Use the information provided by the gift recipient on the form to locate the original order details in Shopify

Once information is added, click Create

You will be taken to the branded returns page to review the gift return request. All the details will be auto-populated from the request form to the review page. Click Submit to place a gift return request on the recipient’s behalf

On the returns dashboard, an RMA will be created with a gray gift icon next to the order number to identify gift returns

Click More filters in the right-hand side corner and select Gift return checkbox to filter RMA data based on Gift return refund resolution

The gift recipient’s contact information and shipping address will be auto-populated and updated on the RMA detail page, and any further return updates will be sent to the gift recipient’s email address instead of the original buyer’s.


1. Can the gift recipient submit a return request for a refund?

Gift recipients can only replace the product with the same item or request store credit. They cannot request a refund to the original payment method.

2. How can I change the message in the Gift Return Request Received notification template?

To change the copy of the Gift Return Request Received notification email, navigate to Notifications in AfterShip Returns admin. Migrate to Gift Return Request Received notification and click Edit to change the notification message as needed. Once the edits are done, save the template.

If you still have some questions regarding the gift returns, get clarity from our chat support team

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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