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How to enable Green Returns

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Accepting returns isn’t easy for e-commerce businesses because it not only consumes ample time but also costs capital related to shipping costs, damages, etc.

With AfterShip Returns, you can use the ‘Green returns to skip time sinks and also obtain customer delight.

When should I opt for the Green returns?

Green returns allows you to refund the order amount without collecting the package from the customer. This method is ideal for non-durable and inexpensive products.

In a nutshell, if you sell perishable items, using the Green returns is a much better choice than facing the hassle of returns handling.

📢What you’ll learn

In this tutorial, we will show you:

Steps to enable green returns
RMA management

Steps to enable green returns

Navigate to the Return routing rules settings in your AfterShip Returns account

Click Add routing rule for the return zone for which you'd wish to enable this feature or simply edit the existing routing rule for the same return zone
Click Add return zone and then click Add routing rule, if you haven't saved any return zone or would like to set up a new return zone. Find more about routing rules here .
Input a name for the routing rule, if you are adding a new routing rule and define the return conditions and shipping methods

Shift the toggle to the right to enable Green returns for your customers
Edit Name, Description, Cost of return, and Return instructions. The return instructions will be shown on the returns page and in the return request approved emails
You can decide to manually or automatically approve return requests for this return method by selecting the checkbox for Auto-approval
Hit Save

RMA management

When the customer has submitted a return request with the option to resolve their return request through Green Return.

The RMA detail page will display Green returns along with return zone and currency as return method.
The refund will be initiated to customer's preferred mode of refund once the request for a Green return is approved. The refund resolution and amount will be displayed on the RMA detail page.

You can filter Green returns RMA requests by selecting the Green Return filter under Returns method from the More filters side panel.

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Updated on: 25/07/2023

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