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How To Enable Returns Drop-off At Happy Returns® Locations

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AfterShip Returns has partnered with Happy Returns® , a PayPal company, to offer customers convenient box-free, printer-free returns. With this integration, merchants can offer customers the option to drop off their returned items at any accessible Happy Returns® Bars in the U.S. without any label or packaging while continuing to leverage AfterShip Returns Center’s digital returns customer experience.

The integration will

Help merchants save on returns costs while providing a more convenient returns experience
Help merchants optimize and capitalize on returns, especially during the peak seasons
Offer access to more than 5,000 Happy Returns® Return Bar locations in the U.S.

You can enable the option for customers to drop off their items at their nearest Happy Returns® Bar location in Return routing rules under the Return shipping methods in the AfterShip Returns admin.


Merchants who would like to enable this feature for their customers, need to contact our sales team and sign a contract with Happy Returns®.

If a merchant is not a Happy Returns® customer, a message to contact sales to unlock the feature will appear in the Return routing rules settings.

Onboarding process

Merchants contact the AfterShip Returns sales representatives and sign a contract
Happy Returns® provide the AfterShip Returns Solutions Architects with the store ID
AfterShip Returns Solutions Architects will further provide the store ID and Organisation ID to the R&D team to initiate the connection
AfterShip Returns R&D team will enable the Drop-off items at Happy Returns® locations in the AfterShip Returns admin for the merchants
It will take up to 24 hours for Happy Returns to open access for AfterShip Returns to access the merchant’s account for QR code generation.

The return method is only available for U.S. merchants and customers (ship_from and ship_to).

📢 What you’ll learn

In this article, we will show you:

Enable drop off at Happy Returns® locations
Customer experience
RMA management

Enable drop off at Happy Returns® locations

Go to Return policy and select Return routing rules in the AfterShip Returns account
Click Add return zone to create a new return zone and configure return routing rules for the customers in the U.S

If you have already set up a U.S. return zone, click the three dots to edit the default routing rule or click Add routing rule to add a new routing rule

Tip: You can add multiple routing rules for different regions in the U.S.

Input the Rule name for this routing rule for easy reference (this name is visible only to you)
Define Conditions based on which this routing rule will be applied to the return requests raised by the customers in the U.S.

Configure the return shipping methods for customers to return purchased items to the original seller. You can offer one or multiple return shipping methods based on your return policy.
Scroll down to Drop off at Happy Returns® locations

Shift the toggle to the right to activate the shipping method
Edit the title and description that will be displayed to customers on the return page
Set the shipping and handling fee for the return method (optional)
Edit the return instructions for customers. These instructions will be shown on the returns page and in the return request approved emails
If you wish to

a. Automatically approve a return request for this return method
b. Automatically generate the refund/store credit/exchange when all items are dropped off
c. Automatically update shipping status to “received” when all items are dropped off

Happy Returns will bulk ship back returned products to your warehouse in regular intervals, which reduces your returns cost, but may mean returned product reaches your facility more slowly. We recommend automating Refunds/Store Credit/Exchange scenarios when using Happy Returns!

Select the checkbox for all or any auto-approvals you want to activate.

Hit Save once all the details have been filled in

You can find the complete guide on setting up return zones and routing rules here.

Customer experience

When a customer submits a return request through the returns page, the option for Drop off at Happy Returns® locations will pop up when the customer reaches the Shipping step of the return process.

The customer will get the option to select drop off return items at any of the three nearest Happy Returns® Bar locations

Once the Happy Returns® Bar of convenience is selected and the return request is reviewed and submitted,

a. A Happy Returns® QR code will be given to the customer, which will appear on the Returns list page on the return page along with the location address, timings for drop off, and View directions option
b. The QR code will also be shown in the return request approved emails along with the Happy Returns® Bar locations

The customer has to take the item to be returned to the Happy Returns® Bar location and show the QR code there
The customer will receive an email once the returned item is quality checked and the request is approved

RMA management

The return requests with Happy Returns® drop off will have the same mentioned on the RMA detail page as return method
Once the return request to drop off items at the Happy Returns® location is approved by you, the option to View QR code will be shown on the RMA detail page
When the Happy Returns® bar receives the item successfully, the status on the RMA detail page will be updated to Dropped off
An entry of successful drop off will reflect in the Timeline as well

For any further questions or help, please contact our chat support team.

Updated on: 25/07/2023

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